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Business Ethics: Concepts & Cases: Chapter 2 Outline
Ethical Principles in Business


2.1 Utilitarianism: Weighing Social Costs

Traditional Utilitarianism

Measurement Problems

Utilitarian Replies to Measurement Objections

Problems with Rights & Justice

Utilitarian Replies to Objections on Rights & Justice

2.2  Rights & Duties

The Concept of a Right

Negative and Positive Rights

Contractual Rights and Duties

ON THE EDGE: Working for Eli Lily & Co (p.73)

A Basis for Moral Rights: Kant

Kantian Rights

Problems with Kant

The Libertarian Objection: Nozick (skip)

2.3 Justice & Fairness

Distributive Justice

Justice as Equality: Egalitarianism

Justice Based on Contribution: Capitalist Justice

Justice Based on Needs and Abilities: Socialism

Justice as Freedom: Libertarianism (skip)

Justice as Fairness: Rawls (skip)

Retributive Justice

Compensatory Justice

2.4  The Ethics of Care

Partiality and Care

Objections to Care Ethics

2.5 Integrating Utility, Rights, Justice, and Caring

2.6 An Alternative to Moral Principles: Virtue Ethics

The Nature of Virtue (skim)

The Moral Virtues (skim)

Virtues Actions and Institutions

Virtues & Principles (skim)

2.7  Morality in International Contexts (skip)



Unocal in Burma (ABC News)

Learning Objectives & Overview | Course Syllabus | LH's Virtual Office