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Business Ethics: Concepts & Cases: Chapter 5 Outline
Ethics and the Environment


5.1 The Dimensions of Pollution and Resource Depletion

Air Pollution

Water Pollution

Land Pollution

Depletion of Species and Habitats

Depletion of Fossil Fuels

Depletion of Minerals

5.2 The Ethics of Pollution Control

Ecological Ethics

Environmental Rights and Absolute Bans

Markets and Partial Controls

Social Ecology, Ecofeminism, and the Demands of Caring

5.3 The Ethics of Conserving Depletable Resources

Rights of Future Generations

Justice to Future Generations

Economic Growth?

Cases for Discussion

The Ok Tedi Copper Mine

  1. What are the systemic, corporate, and individual issues raised by this case?
  2. Discuss the actions of the principal agents in this case from the standpoints of virtue and care.
  3. Assess the final resolution of the case from the standpoints or utility, rights, and justice.

Gas or Grouse (ABC News CD-ROM)

Questions for Discussion

  1. What are the systemic, corporate, and individual issues raised by this case?
  2. How should wildlife species like grouse or deer be valued, and how should that value be balanced against economic interests of a company like Questar?
  3. In the light of the U.S. economy's dependence on oil, and in light of the environmental impact of Questar's drilling operations, is Questar morally obliged to cease its drilling operations on the Pinedale Mesa?  Explain.
  4. What, if anything, should Questar be doing differently?
  5. In your view, have the environmental interest groups identified in the case behaved ethically?

Learning Objectives & Overview | Course Syllabus | LH's Virtual Office