Slippery Slope and Heap "Fallacies"

Slippery Slope

Argument either (1) arguing from the vagary of the border to its nonexistence or all-too-easy passibility or (2) that some event will inescapably have certain consequences (usually alleged to be bad).

  1. "A score of 32 deserved an A. A score of three points less -- of 29 -- also deserved an A. If scores three points apart deserve the same grade, then scores less far apart than that deserve the same grade! It's only fair. Every score deserves an A!"
  2. "We have to take a stand against sex education in junior high schools. If we allow sex education in the eighth grade, then the seventh graders will want it, and then the sixth graders, and pretty soon we will be teaching sex education to our little kindergartners."

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