1.       Senator Barrow advocates increased Social Security benefits for the poor. It is regrettable that the senator finds it necessary to advocate socialism. Socialism defeats initiative, takes away promised rewards, and leads directly to inefficiency and big government. It was tried for years in Eastern Europe, and it failed miserably. Clearly, socialism is no good.

2.       Something is seriously wrong with high school education these days. After ten years of decline, SAT scores are still extremely low, and high school graduates are practically incapable of reading and writing. The obvious conclusion is that we should close the schools.

3.       We've all heard the argument that too much television is the reason our students can't read and write. Yet, many of today's TV shows are excellent. "Northern Exposure" explores life's philosophical problems, "Murphy Brown" keeps feminist issues before middle America, and "Roseanne" gives lots of laughs. Today's TV is just great!

4.       Brewing magnate Joseph Coors has argued that government should get off the back of the American businessman. Obviously, Coors wants to abolish government altogether. Yet without government there would be no defense, no judicial system, no Social Security, and no health and safety regulations. None of us wants to forgo these benefits. Thus we can see that Coors's argument is absurd.

5.       At the Los Angeles meeting of the United Auto Workers, Senator Edward M. Kennedy once more called for national health insurance. If socialized medicine will result in better and lower-cost health care, shouldn't the same logic be applied to automobiles? Wouldn't nationalization of the auto industry produce better and lower-priced cars and nationalization of auto mechanics and garages produce higher-quality, less expensive repairs? (Letter to the editor)

6.       The advocates of conservation contend that if we adopt their principles we will be better off than if we did not adopt them. They are mistaken, for it is easy to show that conservation will not produce an Eden on earth.

7.       Dr. Pangloss contends that this world is the best of all possible worlds which God could have made. What a ridiculous assertion! As if everything in this world were as good as it could be!