Singer Chapter 7
Taking Life: Humans

"Euthanasia": literal meaning, "good death": aka "mercy killing"

Types of Euthanasia Active: acting to end the patient's life. Passive: not acting to save the patient's life.
Voluntary: the patient consents to being euthanized.
Jack Kevorkian's euthanization of Thomas Youk: giving  fatal injections
Pulling the plug; not administering medications; etc.
Nonvoluntary: the patient is incapable of consent and someone else decides for them.
If Dr. Messenger had 
acted to hasten 
the infant's death.
The Messenger Case
Involuntary: the patient is capable of giving consent but doesn't either (1) because they weren't asked or (2) they refused consent.
Saving last bullets for the family to spare them deaths by torture or from "a fate worse than death" at hands of Indians.
If one of the family 
was on a respirator: Dad unplugs it without 
obtaining their consent
(saves a bullet that way).

Singer's Normative Views

The Slippery Slope: Euthanasia to Genocide