TOPIC (dates subject to adjustment)


Rebecca Kinney

Cultural Relativism  (4/29)

Morality differs in every society and morals are just socially approved habits.

Miriam Zinger

Subjectivism (4/29)

Morality is doing whatever you yourself believe is right.

Annie Westerman

 Morality & Religion (4/30)

The Good consists in always doing what God wills at any particular moment.

Jaqueline Marlink

Psychological Egoism (4/30)

Each person is so constituted that they will look out only for their own interests.

Mari Stewart

Ethical Egoism (5/1)

The achievement of his own happiness is man's highest moral purpose.

Ben Zilz

Utilitarianism (5/1)

Whenever we have a choice between alternative actions or social policies, we must choose the one that has the best overall consequences for everyone concerned."

Kristi Trinkle

Pro & Con Utilitarianism (5/5)

Many things besides good or bad consequences are morally important.

Christopher Walker

Kant: Rules & Justice (5/5)

Morality is a matter of following absolute rules -- rules that admit no exceptions, that must be followed come what may.

Mathew Lambourn

Kant: Rights & Autonomy (5/6)

Only the guilty may be punished, and the injury done to the person punished must be comparable to the injury he has inflicted on others.

Gregory Nelson

Social Contract Theory (5/6)

Morality consists in the set of rules for how to treat one another, that rational people will agree to accept, on the condition that others follow those rules as well.

Ashley Borcherding

Feminism & Care Ethics (5/7)

A more feminine personal-relation-based approach to morality would an improvement over current masculine impartiality-based approaches

Carlton Hill

Virtue Ethics (5/7)

We should stop thinking so much in terms of good & bad and right & wrong and think more about virtues (courage, mercy, etc.) and vices (cowardice, cruelty, etc.).

James Hunsanger

Singer & Ethics (5/8)

The moral issues raised by driving a car . . . are much more serious than those raised by sex.