Biomedical Ethics

The Nature of Biomedical Ethics

Ethical Theories

The Critical Assessment of Competing Ethical Theories

Teleological vs. Deontological Theories


Examples of Act-Utilitarian Reasoning in a Biomedical Context

Critical Assessment of Act-Utilitarianism


Examples of Rule-Utilitarian Reasoning in a Biomedical Context

  1. Concerning physician disclosure:
  2. Allowing active euthanasia
  3. medical confidentiality

Critical Assessment of Rule-Utilitarianism

Kantian Deontology

The Kantian Framework in a Biomedical Context

Critical Assessment of Kantian Deontology

W. D. Ross's Theory of Prima Facie Duties

Relevant Concepts and Principles


The Value of Autonomy

Liberty-Limiting Principles


The Principles of Biomedical Ethics (Beauchamp and Childress)

Alternative Directions and Methods

Virtue Ethics

The Ethics of Care and Feminist Ethics

Causuistry: Care-Based Reasoning in Historical Context

Reflective Equilibrium and Appeals to Coherence