FFL 2002 Week 17

Clinton Provides
Sometimes a Cigar
Is not a Cigar but 
Is a Licked-n-Rolled
Victory Cigar
Jay Exhales

2002 Post Season Standings
Order of finish based on regular season play only.  Draft order based on bowl results given order of finish.
Bowl Results
Top Star: C. Portis (LR): 37!!
FantasticBowl IX

Money Winners
Rolled $204 + 1/2 of FA kitty
Bravadas $102+ 1/4 of kitty
Big Red $51+ 1/8 of kitty
Legion of Doom $51+ 1/8 of kitty

Deadline for pointing out mistakes is 9pm the following Monday.

  • WHO OWES for FA Pickups?  Send payments to Jay Daniels, 2107 Webster Rd., Lansing MI ASAP. 
  • 12 Player Protected Rosters due Superbowl Sunday (must include complete starting lineup).

CORRECTIONS: none. FA Pickups:  EP M.Boerigter(wr,KC), S.Smith(wr,CAR) dr. Morton & Hakim.