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De Anima (On the Soul)

by Aristotle

translated by J. A. Smith

The J. A. Smith translation was originally prepared for Oxford University Press under the editorship of W. D. Ross and J. A. Smith. This HTML version of De Anima was prepared by Larry Hauser from the ascii e-text version obtained from this gopher site at the University of Vermont. I have restored footnotes and emphases (missing from the aforementioned e-text) from the hardcopy version of the Smith translation found in The Basic Works of Aristotle, Richard McKeon ed., New York: Random House (1941). I have also corrected a number of typos and other errors I found in the ascii e-text version. No doubt others remain and I may have introduced some myself in the process of preparing these HTML documents. I strongly recommend checking these texts against a published hardcopy of the Smith translation before citing them, especially in work intended for publication. Heed the following disclaimer.


All copyrights for HTML enhancements are renounced. Companies mentioned above have nothing to do with this electronic edition. There may be errors not theirs. Use at your own risk.
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