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FFL 2001 Week 17

AFC: Marauders
Book 'em
NFC: Elvers

Week 17 Standings
Week 17 Results
Top Star: M. Faulk: 41!
CHECK YOUR SCORES! Deadline for pointing out mistakes is 9pm the following Monday (before the kickoff of Monday Night Football).  After that scores become final!
Elvers v. Marauders
Doom v. Mayhem
Licked v. Bravadas
Big Red v. Yew Hate Me
House v. Ryders
Cruisers v. Dawgs
NFL Bye (I think): SD

1st & 2nd place finishe$ only are determined by
1. PCT
2. head-to-head PCT
3. PF

Notices: Who owes??  Make payments to Jay Daniels, 2107 Webster Rd., Lansing, MI 48917.   Transactions: EM picks up J.White(rb,CLE) drops J.Stewart.   Corrections: CC started Ravens 16 not Dolphins 3 as reported: corrected score CC 76 57 HP.  Shroeder had 2 for BR not 0 as reported: corrected score EM 93 67 BG.  Current rosters and standings reflect all transactions & corrections (I hope).