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Philosophers of Mind
with Papers Online
  • Barbara Abbott: Semantics, Philosophy of Language, Cognitive Science
  • John Barwise: Generalized Quantifiers, Situation Semantics, Etc.
  • William Bechtel : Connectionism, Philosophy of Science, Etc.
  • Ned Block: Consciousness, Functionalism, Thought Experiments
  • Paul Boghossian: Epistemology, Analyticity
  • Selmer Bringsjord: Computer Science, Philosophy of AI, Zombies, Etc.
  • David Chalmers: Consciousness, Computationalism, Zombies.
  • Andy Clark: Folk Psychlogy, Externalism, Etc.
  • David Cole: Philosophy of Mind, AI
  • Robin Cooper: Situation Semantics, Computational Linguistics, Etc.
  • Mark Crimmins: Philosophy of Language
  • Daniel Dennett: Consciousness, Behaviorism, Cognitive Science
  • Mathew Elton
  • Christopher Green: Psychology: Methodology, Theories, Etc.
  • Gilbert Harman: Philosophy of Language, Intentionality, Etc.
  • Stevan Harnad: Cognitive Psych., Symbol Grounding, Etc.
  • Larry Hauser: Philosophy of Mind, AI, Zombies, Philosophy of Language
  • Jaron Lanier
  • Allen Manning: AI & Philosophy of Mind
  • John McCarthy: AI, Action Theory, Etc.
  • John Perry: Philosophy of Language, Indexicals, Etc.
  • Thomas Polger 
  • Bill Rapaport
  • Teed Rockwell
  • Nigel Shardlow 
  • Theodore Sider: Intrinsicality, Supervenience, Etc
  • Aaron Sloman: Computer Science, AI, Philosophy of AI