Doing Research on the Internet: Cautionary Note

Let the browser beware. The "information superhighway" is full of potholes. Besides information (truth), there is much misinformation (falsehood); even disinformation (lies). The reliability of the "information" you access online cannot simply be taken for granted. Though it is well to remember that in intellectual life, as in life generally, "there are no guarantees," at least print media (books and journal articles) are generally subject to peer review and editorial oversight; and are generally the better for it. The careless and the crack-brained tend to get weeded out, and what remains tends to be credible (though, again, there are no guarantees). On the internet, on the other hand, anyone can publish anything at all; and they do.

"So, Dr. Hauser," you ask, "what can I do to steer clear of the crackpot notions and faux `facts'? How do I distinguish the incredible and discreditable from the true and the trustworthy? How do I avoid the potholes on the information superhighway?" The following suggestions may help:

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