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FFL 2001 Week 5

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Week 5 Standings

Week 5 Results
Top Star: Shaun Alexander: 32!
The deadline for pointing out mistakes is the following Monday Night Football kickoff (9pm).  After that scores become final.
Mayhem v. Doom
Licked v. Yew
Bravadas v. House
Cruisers v. DawgsBig Red v. Elvers
Marauders v. Ryders
Notices: NFL byes seem to be subject to changes: bye information on old NFL or FFL schedules may not be reliable. Transactions: QD picks up M.Smith(rb,ATL) & J.Cortez(pk,SF) drops Bryson & ColtsMM picks up M.Pollard(te,IND), Browns(df,CLE) drops Sloan & RedskinsLR picks up C.Buckhalter drops A.SmithRecords: RR  most consecutive Ls tm: 21.    Corrections: P.Manning had 20 not 14 as reported, making the game score HP 66 to RR 59; D.Hayes had 5 not 0 as reported, making that score YH 98 to CC 73.  Current rosters and standings reflect all corrections (I hope).  Qs New Phone #s: 512-252-7335 (h); 512-445-4800 (w).