FFL 2001: Preseason Edition
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 WEEK 1 

Mayhem v. Big Red
Licked v. House
Cruisers v. Marauders
Bravadas v. Ruffryders
Elvers v. Q. Dawgs
Doom v. YewHateMe

2001 Standings

  • OFFICERS: Commisioner/Treasurer: Jay; Secretary: Larry 
  • Dues Due: You are required to pay your 1st 9 weeks dues -- $27 – in advance.  If you have not paid your dues yet I strongly encourage you to pay your whole year’s dues -- $51 – in advance.
  • PASSED: require advance payment of dues in full starting next year.
    • pay dues & free agent fees to Jay Daniels, 2107 Webster Rd., Lansing, MI 48197.
    • Submit lineups and free agent requests to Larry by phone (485-2866) or e-mail (elvers@aol.com).
    • $2 per pickup: 6pm Friday picking deadline: picks must be played in next (or first non-bye-week) game.
    • Picking order: worst first as determined by (1) W/L (2) PF (3) Draft Order
  • OTHER BUSINESS: Due to his absence and still owing $26 dues from last season, Dane’s team, Heavy Hitters, has been given to Ian & is now called “YewHateMe” (YH).  Tony quit.  Chad takes over the Tygers who shall henceforth be called “Methods of Mayhem (MM).  Chad has until the week 1 free agent deadline to make free agent pickups (free of charge with 1st priority) to complete his 20 player roster.  Ian gets 1 FA pickup free to fill out his lineup.
Transaction: QD  sent A.Freeman(wr,GB) and his #1 pick to LD for D.McNabb(qb,PHL).
2001 Draft
Round 1 
BG Tomlinson(rb,SD) 
CC Bennett(rb,MIN) 
HP Jackson(rb,CLE) 
HH Holmes(rb,KC) 
LD Barlow(rb,SF) 
EP Chrebet(wr,NYJ) 
EM Biakabatuka(rb,CAR) 
CC Hasselback(qb,SEA) 
BR Alexander(rb,SEA) 
LD Hearst(rb,SF) 
LR Thomas(rb,CHI)
Round 2 
BG Henry(rb, BUF) 
RR Levens(rb,GB) 
HP Vick(qb,ATL) 
HH Gardner(wr,WAS) 
LD Terrell(wr,CHI) 
HP Pittman(rb,AZ) 
EM A.Connell(wr,NO) 
CC Thrash(wr,PHL) 
BR Flutie(qb,BUF) 
QD J.Allen(rb,CHI) 
LR Robinson(wr,SEA)
Round 3 
BG T.Brown(wr,NE) 
RR Mack(rb,JAC) 
HP Scott(wr,CIN) 
HH Mitchell(wr,PHL) 
LD Gary(rb,DEN) 
EP Morton(wr,DET) 
HP Johnson(qb,TB) 
CC Ward(wr,PIT) 
BR Clark(TE,DEN) 
QD T.Allen(rb,BAL) 
LR McCallister(rb,NO)
Round 4 
BG Wayne(wr,IND) 
RR Redmond(rb,NE) 
HP McKnight(wr,MIA) 
HH S.Hicks(rb,CHI) 
LD Weinke(qb,CAR)
EP Cleeland(te,NO) 
HP Conway(wr,SD) 
CC Mathis(wr,ATL) 
BR Jordon(rb,NYJ) 
QD Gadsden(wr,MIA) 
LR Brees(qb,SD)
Round 5 
BG Kelley(te,ATL) 
RR Engram(wr,CHI) 
HP Dilger(te,IND) 
HH Johnson(wr,CIN) 
LD Chambers(wr,MIA) 
EP Fiedler(qb,MIA) 
EM Chamberlain(te,MIN) 
CC Huntley(rb,CAR) 
BR Carter(qb,DAL) 
QD Stokely(wr,BAL) 
LR Smith(qb,CIN)
Round 6 
BG Schroeder(wr,GB)
RR Conwell(te,STL) 
HP Nedney(pk,TEN) 
HH Matthews(qb,CHI) 
LD Germaine(qb,STL) 
EP Akers(pk,PHL) 
EM Chargers(df,SD) 
CC Williams(te,OAK) 
BR Lindell(pk,SEA)
QD Minnis(wr,KC) 
LR Morgan(wr,CLE)
Round 7 
BG Hansen(pk,DET) 
RR Brady(te,JAC) 
HP pass 
HH Bills(df,BUF) 
LD Hatchette(wr,NYJ) 
HP Chiefs(df,KC) 
EM Lockett(wr,WAS) 
CC Dilfer(qb,SEA) 
BR 49ers(df,SF) 
QD Pollard(te,IND) 
LR B.Gramnatica(pk,AZ)
Round 8 
BG Harbaugh(qb,DET) 
RR Giants(df,NYG)
HH pass 
LD Carswell(te,DEN) drops R. Smith 
EP Holcombe(rb,STL) 
EM Dyson(wr,TEN) 
CC pass 
BR M.Jenkins(wr,AZ) 
QD Graham(wr,SD) 
LR Seahawks(df,SEA)
Round 9 
BG Vikings(df,MIN) drops Cunningham 
RR Q.Ismael(wr,BAL) drops Thigpen 
LD Hayes(wr,CAR) needs drop to add 
EP Hakim(wr,STL) 
EM Pennington(QB,NYJ) 
BR pass 
QD P.Jeffers(wr,CAR) 
LR pass
Round 10
BG Stokes(wr,SF) drops Rison. 
RR G.Anderson(pk,MIN)
LD pass 
EP Christie(pk,BUF) drops Brien 
EM Pinkston(wr,PHL)

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