FFL 2003 Week 2

 AFC: House Comes up Big but Ryers Still Rule

Moe & Lavernius Power Mayhem

AFC: Licked Rolls Ahead with Dogz on their Heels

Week 2 Standings



Week 2 Results
Top Star: Jamaal Lewis(HP): 42 points!!!



J. Lewis aka “The Killer”

Deadline for pointing out mistakes is 9pm the following Monday. 
RE: Early Games (before Sun. 1pm): 
Lineup changes from the preceding week, whether in or out, must be reported before kickoffs of games in which players’ teams are involved. 


Licked v. Legion
Big Red v. Cruisers
House v. Ryders

Bravadas v. Elvers
Marauders v. Dawgs

Yew Hate Me v. Mayhem


Notices: Make payments for FA pickups to Jay Daniels, 2107 Webster Rd., Lansing, MI 48917  FA Pickups: LD picks up Bills(df,BUF) dr. Rams.  BG picks up J.Riemersma(te,PIT) dr. T.Johnson.  EP picks up A.Cason(rb,DAL) dr. E.Johnson.  Corrections: Henry(BG) had 25 (not 24) making that final BG 66 56 MM.  Current standings reflect all corrections (I hope).  PBX Updates: Contact Q by home phone only: e-mail and work phone are kaput.  Cooee’s new home phone number is 394-1993.