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Letter to the Editor of the Leelanau Enterprise (September 5, 2007) in describing Victor Goldshmidt's talk to the Leland Rotarians on August 30. 
Don't Drink the Kool-Aid!

Victor Goldschmidt, it seems, is still serving up global-warming-denial Kool-Aid to citizens of Leelanau County, most recently at the August 30 meeting of the Leland Rotary.  There I got the chance to experience his presentation for myself.  (My apologies to the Rotarians for interrupting their speaker's presentation, but once he announced his intention not to field questions at the end, I could not let the worst of his misrepresentations pass unchallenged.)  The talk, overall, is a pseudo-scientific mish-mash of fallacies and falsehoods (for detailed accounting see http://www.wutsamada.com/global_warming/contraVG.htm).    It's simply not true, for instance, that "rising CO2 levels have never been observed to precede rising average temperatures" as Victor confidently asserts.  Rising CO2 levels in the 80's preceded rising average temperatures in the 90's, and rising CO2 levels in the 90's preceded the rising temperatures of today.  Duh.  Victor's central "conversion experience" argument is based on misreading the data!  Many of the falsehoods and fallacies featured in Victor's talk would be laughable if global warming weren't such a serious threat. Take his insinuation that measurements showing rising global temperatures are due to more thermometers being located in urban areas ... please.  Is that why the glaciers and ice caps are melting?  Because of their urban locations?  I applaud the Leland Rotarians for wanting to inform themselves about global warming, but I'm afraid Victor's presentation had entirely the opposite effect.  Better to remain uninformed than to be misinformed.

Larry Hauser
Lake Leelanau