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Flesh and Machines
by Rodney Brooks

Abstract (LH): We have nothing to fear from robots and much to expect and hope for.  Nothing to fear because, as the biotechnology and robotics revolutions converge, we will be assimilated: robots and humans will converge.  This is a hopeful and not a fearful prospect because, in becoming them we remain to true to our deeper selves.  By changing ourselves we express our adaptive creative natures.  In so doing we will remain the adaptive and creative beings we essentially are; only improved.  Even mightily improved.  Assimilation means their humanization not our dehumanizaion. As we become them, they, conversely, become us. 


1. Dances with Machines

Technological Revolutions

2. The Quest for an Artificial Creature

Mechanical Creatures

Electronic Creatures

Digital Technologies

3. Planetary Ambassadors

A Creature Awakening

A Robot that Walks

Situated and Embodied Robots

Getting to Mars

Getting to Mars for Real

4.  It's 2001 Already

Reflections on HAL

The Humanoid Explosion

Assimov's Laws and Reality

The Basis of Seeing and Behavior


5. Machines to Live With

Intelligent Entities

The Life of a Toy

Robots in Our Lives

Common, Common, Common

6. Where Am I?

Remote Presence

The Future of Work

How We Get There

The Next Few Years

7. We Are Special

Levels of Beingness

Like Us



8. We Are Not Special

Resistance is Futile

Is There Something Else?

Clever People and Aliens

The Question of Consciousness

Ethical Slaves

9.  Them and Us



No emotions of empathy

Survival instinct

Loss of control


Where To?

The Third Path

10.  Us as Them

We the Machines

The Future of Surgery

Elective Surgery


Beyond Cyborgs