Imperialism & Globalization


La Bataille d'Alger
dir. Gillo Pontecorvo

Alger 1957

Alger 1954

April 1956

Januray 10, 1957: Enter the Paratroopers
Jan. 28:  UN Agrees to take up the Algerian Question Mathieu's Press Conference (Day 4)
Mathieu's Methods Starting to Succeed
The U.N. dithers
Mathieu: Pressing On After the Strike
Hiding Out

March 4 1957

December 11, 1960

December 21, 1960: Last day of demonstrations

Imperialism, the Highest Stage of Capitalism
by V. I. Lenin

Abstract (LH): Imperialism, the present stage of capitalism, featuring monopoly ownership and globalization, is capitalism's highest stage, and its last.  In this stage, the global economy becomes organized -- effectively planned and controlled -- by monopolistic finance capital.  This transition to planned economic development and production is inevitable but inconsistent with continuation of capitalism for two reasons.  Firstly, monopoly  contradicts the free competitive process at the heart of capitalism.  Secondly, since the global economy fostered by capitalism serves the interest of global capital, not the masses, uneven development and a semi-starvation level of existence of the masses are inevitable conditions of this means of production.  Uneven development allows the proletariat of the economically dominant nations to be bribed from the exorbitant profits culled from exploitation of workers in poorer nations; it also leads inevitably to wars for the control of economic spheres of influence among the dominant nations.  Opportunism among bought-off workers in the dominant nations seriously, but only temporarily, delays the inevitable transition to communist forms of organization and control which must, finally, organize world economic production and distribution for the benefit of everyone everywhere.

NeoColonial & The Global Economy

Life & Debt
director: Stephanie Black