March 28, 2005



Dear Truebloods:


            Here it is Ė everything you wanted to know about the 2005 Trueblood Reunion but were afraid to ask. If you have any comments or questions, I may be reached at And donít forget to check Larry Hauserís web site at



            The Trueblood Reunion begins with dinner, Sunday, July 3 and ends with dinner, Wednesday, July 6, at Northport Bay Retreat in Omena. Though the Reunion is officially only for 3 Ĺ days, Northport Bay is available after 4 PM Sunday to the following Sunday morning. CHECKOUT IS ABSOLUTELY NO LATER THAN 11 AM. So plan on staying the week. Remember: NO PETS and NO SMOKING. Any infractions will cost, and unnecessarily drain our Reunion Fund. Since the Cottage is no more, Northport Bay will be the home base where we will gather throughout the days and at mealtimes.



Ray Skinner has offered his restaurant experience and will be providing two of our four dinners. He has designed menus that feature a variety of ingredients that should appeal to all. Ray would appreciate the help of 6 people to assist in the food preparation and clean up for each meal. On the attached questionnaire, please indicate your degree of willingness to assist. Aside from the four dinners, there will be no other organized meals. Since half of our group will be staying elsewhere, and involved in various pursuits and activities throughout the daytime, it makes more sense for individuals (or families) to improvise (or scrounge) on their own for breakfasts and lunches. As in the past, beer and wine imbibers will probably organize and pool their resources.



            Northport Bay has 16 bedrooms, each with 2 queen-sized beds and can accommodate at least 40 Truebloods. I have made notes of those of you who have expressed a desire to stay there. The balance of the rooms will be available on a first-reply-first-in-line basis, so return the enclosed form ASAP.


            Others of you will be staying at the homes of the Motlows, Abbotts and Bellows.  There are, of course, a plethora of B & Bís, motels and hotels in the area.  Sunrise Landing Motel (800-488-5762) is but a stoneís throw away from Northport Bay. Ba and Larry have stayed there and recommend it. Get your reservations in early please, however, as places tend to fill up rather quickly as summer approaches. Please indicate where you plan to stay on the enclosed form.


            Everyone will be receiving ONE STANDARD ISSUE T-SHIRT. Be sure to indicate your size preference on the enclosed questionnaire. Once again we have Becky to thank for a job well done. Check Larry Hauserís website to view the design. Additional T-shirts, long-sleeved shirts and sweatshirts may be purchased with your advanced paid-in-full order. PLEASE EMAIL ME FOR PRICING.


            We have reserved a spot in the Leland Independence Day Parade. All are invited to participate and please bring your marching-friendly musical instruments.


            Many suggestions have been proposed by a number of individuals to create some organized activities whereby skills and talents of the few can be passed on to the many. The enclosed form contains, in addition to all the aforementioned items, a questionnaire whereby we can gauge interest and make it happen. Please take a couple of minutes to respond. Your feedback is important to us. If you have any suggestions not already on the list, please donít hesitate to make them known.




            Hopefully, by now, everyone has earmarked certain items around the house for our first ever Trueblood Auction. The main purpose of this event is, above all, to have fun. But it is also a means to refill our 2010 Reunion Fund. Randy Bellows has graciously accepted the task of auctioneer, having attended countless auctions over the years.  He recommends walking around your house (donít forget the garage and the attic) with a cardboard box and fill it with items that are still in good condition. These may include childrenís toys, special books, clothing or accessories, jewelry, CDs, picture frames, paintings, glassware, pottery, porcelain figurines, etc. In addition, if anyone has a special Trueblood artifact (once in the possession of our forbearers) this would be a treasure to cherish. There is no limit to the number of items you may donate, or to their value. You are limited only by the size of your suitcase or the trunk of your car.  Remember, this is for a good cause and everybody wins.




Please return the attached form, with your check(s) if applicable, in the enclosed self-addressed stamped envelope no later than May 15, 2005.




Debbie Brail