Dear Truebloods:

I'd like to take this opportunity to wish each and every one of you a healthy and happy new year.

Since the 2005 Trueblood Family Reunion is exactly 17 months from now, I am compelled to set July 4, 2004, as the absolute deadline for EVERYONE to submit their recipe(s) to me for the Trueblood Cookbook. That gives you 5 full months!

Your submission must be exactly as you would want to see it in print. There will be no other opportunities for revisions.

Please keep in mind that this cookbook is a legacy for your children, grandchildren, etc, etc. Imagine your progeny's disappointment upon discovering you never contributed to this Trueblood tome for the ages, wondering why you did nothing to keep the gastronomic legacy of their family alive. That is why I am asking EVERYONE (with the possible exception of Emily Rose and some of the other very young) to submit at least one recipe. This is not a contest, your recipe is not being judged. If it is good enough for you to make and consume, then it is good enough for the Cookbook!  But I do want your very best tried and true recipe(s).

So please give this serious consideration and then submit your recipe(s) as an email attachment in either WordPerfect or Word format.

Remember, July 4, 2004 is your last chance for immortality! Don't let this chance slip away from you.

Debbie Brail